Terms & Conditions

Before reading this terms and conditions document, the following terms -separated by commas - will be used in a case insensitive manner:

The website " " that is this document is for, the website, management and its crew
management, website management
You, the one reading this document
A customer that is registered to
The terms and conditions in this doument and others linked from or throught it
Terms and conditions, terms
Browsing, surfing , contacting, purchasing or doing anything or any activity regarding
Using the website, use the website
Referring to a person, male or female
The web page that includes the fully detailed information of a product with its images if available
Product page
The web page that includes a list of products each with its image if available and a summary of its information
Product list page

Please read through the entire document and linked documents. Using the website means that you agree to this document or any document linked here or through this one, these terms might change in the future and you will be notified when that happens, it’s your responsibility to read the new terms and continuing to use the website certifies that you agree to the new terms.

If you need any clarification anything in the terms and conditions, you can mail us for clarifications and until you get a written answer, using the website is your responsibility and the terms still apply. To cancel your acceptance of the terms you can send an email that you disagree and stop using the website, continuing to use the website means that you still agree to the terms even though you stated that you don’t agree in the email.

Membership and account registration Registering with this website and becoming a customer requires that you provide us information about yourself, after that you will be required to provide more information when needed, for example, doing a purchase. You are to be 18 years or older, if not, you can surf and browse the website but not make any purchase. You are responsible for the security of your account credentials, in case they are compromised you will hold the responsibly, for example for purchases, you can still contact us and we will decide on what to do, either close the account or allow you to open a new one. Purchasing To purchase you have to be 18 years or older, and use either a valid PayPal account or Visa, the purchased item will not be shipped until the full payment is fully transferred, unless the payment was using “Cash on Delivery” method, in that case the item will ship, but will only be handed to the recipient if the payment is done at the time of delivery..


Shipping can be done to home or work addresses but not to P.O Boxes, it’s your responsibility to specify the correct and accurate address and contact information for shipping which are required, in case of any mistake or management suspects the account or the information you provided, the process will be longer as it requires more time to inspect and verify the information in addition to more resources allocated to that process, in this case additional costs will be applied to your order and must be paid before delivery. Shipping costs are added to the total cost and must be paid before delivery. You can specify shipping address when purchasing other than yours in case you wish to ship to a third party, but in this case the recipient is responsible for receiving the item and he has the right to proceed or cancel and refund the order and management has the right to proceed or cancel the order with a refund that can reach up to 100% of the payment.


A refund is sending back the money to the customer after canceling the order after making a purchase on which can reach up to 100% depending on the case, a refund is only applicable in specific cases which are mentioned here, first case is canceling the order before shipping the item, another case is after receiving the item and it was in a condition that makes it unusable in the conditions, environment and methods it was meant and described on the website for. The item’s condition as described on the website it is the original seller’s responsibility and not, is not responsible on the state described on the website, all info shown on the product page or product list page is written by the original seller so here we state that it’s the original seller responsibility to make sure of the items’ condition